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Swamycin CA

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For the treatment of heartwater and tick-borne gall sickness (anaplasmosis), it is best to use the Short Acting Swamycin. Additionally, the treatment of pneumonia, footrot, joint-ill and navel-ill in stock, together with strangles in horses can also benefit from this product. Moreover sheep, cattle, goats and pigs can likewise be treated with this medicine. Until a full recovery takes place, repeat the treatment daily at the prescribed dosage.

Double the first dose of the Short Acting Swamycin in the case of very severe infections. Consult your veterinarian for prompt and accurate diagnosis, where a rapid recovery is needed. Give the injection slowly into the selected vein, when using the intravenous route. Halt the treatment momentarily at the first signs of discomfort or restlessness on the part of the animal. Preferably use a small gauge needle during the treatment.

The composition of Short Acting Swamycin is 12,5% Oxytetracycline HCL. Store it in a cool and dark place, below 25˚C. Some darkening of the solution may occur without affecting potency.

This medicine is available in 100 ml and 500 ml. Please select the exact size you desire to purchase before clicking add to cart.

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